Why should not buy Rog phones, know what happened to me

After buying this phone, this phone ran very well for a few months, but an update came from ROG.

After this, the motherboard of this phone got damaged and then the phone was sent to the service center, after a month the phone got fixed and came back.

Then after a few days, the phone got damaged again and then after 1 month I got the phone back from the service center, it has happened four times.

The phone was repeatedly facing problems like Mother Board Fingerprint Network etc. and the company is not able to fix it.

The customer support was just being consoled and they were not fixing the mobile, due to which we lost a lot of time and important data in the mobile.

In the end, when the company could not fix the phone, its performance was down, due to which the game runs very badly, it comes to 17 fps.

You search on youtube about rog 5 phone, there you will get to know about all its problems.